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-DISRUPTION : Our intentions are to take advantage of the advances in communication technologies, especially NFT, with the multiplication of online sales accelerated by the covid-19 crisis, so that artists escape the traditional market in place and take back the control of their own production. In order to promote a more ethical art world in a society worthy of the Internet civilization to which we all aspire and artists first.

-DESTINATION OF THE REALIZED FUNDS: Our intentions in case of realization of the sale aim at the creation of a Foundation called Fondation du Territoire du M2 whose head office will be located in Anserville (France) and whose purpose will be to give to creative and prospective artists using new technologies the means to realize projects of social and humanitarian character.

In particular by putting at their disposal the human resources in terms of specialists of all the concerned fields necessary, as well as tools essential to the success of their projects.

To put at the disposal of the artists all the resources of legal order to defend their interests each time their interests are legitimately threatened

On the other hand the purchaser of our NFT-Archeology will have to commit to automatically transfer to a Human Social or Cultural aim a percentage of 1/3 on the capital gains in the event of the resale of this artwork. The artists having themselves benefited from our help will be subjected to this same rule.


We will propose very soon the nomination of a restricted board of directors for the setting up of the M2 Territory Foundation, whose presidency will be proposed to Alain-Dominique Perrin, currently President of the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art and President of the Jeu de Paume. And 11 members subject to their acceptance: Bruno Racine, Dominique Roland, Sophie Lavaud, Michaël Leruth, Christophe Pouilly, Maurice Benayoun, Fred Forest, Adrien Forest, Manuela Manzini, Pierre Moëglin and Orlan (subject to acceptance)