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3 -Accompanied by a personal and sealed letter from the artist to the buyer of NFT Archeology


This letter written by the artist for the buyer(s), only the artist knows the content. And, one day the future buyer(s)  

- Also attached is a text written and signed by the artist telling the fabulous story of Parcelle/Réseau wich has become NFT-Archeology, whose original file would have been lost, taken away with the computers and furniture seized by the bailiffs according to their owners during the bankruptcy of the company n@rt, four years later. With the help of his copy of artist and this in possession of the original file, Forest was able to reproduce the lost work, practically with the identical one with some details near, hardly perceptible to make a new work of it. A new work of which the traceability and the inviolable character of the blockchain confers him henceforth for always the value and the quality to be the only unique original for the night of the times. By taking care to make it an NFT, today, Fred Forest, makes of his own hand, inviolable and sacred its uniqueness. What authorizes the artist to put back on sale, as author and from a strict point of view of the French the law, Parcelle/Réseau become NFT-Archeologie as original for the eternity.

And this thanks to the genius of Satoshi NAKAMOTO who with his own genius conceptualized in computer science the first blockchain in 2008, and who so to speak transformed Parcelle/Reseau from vulnerable to inviolable.

The paradox of this incredible loss of Parcelle/Réseau's files in the computers makes this damage add an additional value to the symbolic charge of these two virtual and digital works, which are now one and the same, joining intimately through time and space.

Video realized on October 16, 1996 at the Hôtel des Ventes Drouot in Paris. (Sale Jean-Claude Binoche, auctioneer)